Friday, May 17, 2013

My Wildcat Family

My time in Manhattan is slowly winding down and most of the people I know are packing up their lives and moving away, as I will be doing in two months. I have talked to and listened to people reminisce about their time in this town, at this college, with these friends and it has been a gut wrenching experience. In the past month of my life I have made more friends in Manhattan than I have in my three years here. I have hung out with more people, gone out with more people and just tried to enjoy the company of people I have seen every day for the past three years.

I feel like it was somewhat of a wasted experience. I didn't bother getting to know my classmates, aside from three or four people. I went home too often, relied on friends from my past and didn't try and socialize. After finally getting to know more people, some of whom I have wanted to socialize with for a year or two, I'm finding I should have done this sooner. I shouldn't have settled for the friends I already have (not that they suck or anything). I've been blessed in my life to be around great people I can call my friends and I am thankful every day for them. I am thankful but also sad because a majority of them I won't see from now on since I will never step foot on campus for a class again. Unless I go to Grad School. #EMAW #FAMILY

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